News: The Walden Lets You Live The Urban Resort Life Permanently

Feb 19, 2021

Many urbanites will find themselves daydreaming about living in a tropical paradise, away from the concrete jungle at some point or another.

The entire premise of this deep-seated desire for a nature-focused state of mind is what fuels KLK Land’s latest resort-style development, The Walden. It is, in a nutshell, a tropical dream come true.


Full embodiment of tropical architecture

Not one to miss out on the chance to give people the meaningful life they deserve, KLK Land promises a work of art. And a fine work of art is indeed delivered with The Walden, a living premise where the fundamental principles of tropical architecture take centre stage.

But what, exactly, is tropical architecture?

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) defines tropical architecture as the diligent work of achieving thermal comfort, by applying design elements such as sunshades, light shelves, cavity walls, and roof and wall insulation. Not only that, tropical architecture also thrives on the natural shading that trees provide.

It’s thus easy to see what The Walden sets out to achieve. Nestled deep in the heart of the nature-focused Sungai Buloh, its resort-themed houses can boast stretches of space and land, that allow its residents to relax and return to themselves every day — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So, what are the signature traits that make The Walden homes truly exceptional?


Haven-like features of The Walden


Upon entering the premise of this gated community, you will be amazed at how much nature it respectfully works around. Below are the township’s best features that you will be able to experience for yourself, should you choose a home here!

1) Lush, green location

The Walden is located in Sungai Buloh’s Bandar Seri Coalfields, one of the best modern neighbourhoods in Klang Valley. The town’s star-studded status exists for a good reason: with community health and nature at the heart of its master plan, it sets to nurse residents back to aliveness.

Now, Sungai Buloh itself has long been known as one of Klang Valley’s best greenery-filled districts. So picturesque it is that it has even served as inspiration for Malaysia’s best and most creative minds. Case in point: Rimbun Dahan, the art residency founded by renowned architect Hijjas Kasturi, is a well-known Sungai Buloh landmark. So, talk about an informed environment!

2) Built for natural light

What fuels a tropical, resort-style paradise more than a sunny disposition?


That’s right: The Walden’s spatial design is a balancing act. Its homes are outfitted as such that they allow natural light to flow throughout their nooks and corners while also maintaining enough openness to permit cascades of gentle breeze to cool their perimeters. 

Homeowners looking to optimise their health will definitely benefit from this feature. After all, receiving an optimum amount of sunlight on a consistent basis helps the human skin absorb vitamin D, which in turn prevents heart disease, weight gain, and certain types of cancer, among other conditions. Also, consider the fact that sunshine is known to boost serotonin levels, which helps to improve depression.

When a home restores your health, you best believe that it’s the best investment you can make.

3) Zen aesthetics

As we know, physical health is only one part of the entire spectrum of wellness. Psychological or mental health also plays a part in keeping us alive and thriving.

Research has shown that there is a definitive link between visually effective landscapes and psychological well-being. This is where The Walden’s mindful aesthetics come into play. From its texture to its colour scheme to even its clean lines, the Walden homes’ thoughtfully chosen building materials seamlessly integrate with their surrounding landscape. This achievement enables the very minimalistic atmosphere that gives them their own special brand of exclusivity.


4) Communal layout

Now, adequate light play and thermal equilibrium are not enough to make a great home without an artfully materialised layout to boot. Each residential unit in The Walden is passionately designed to embrace communal conviviality — the very ethos of resort-style.

From its airy living hall to its open dining area, a Walden home enriches your day-to-day shared living. Of course, this does not at all mean that privacy is forgone. As its spacious bedrooms — complete with private en-suite bathrooms — would indicate, intimate individual experience is an equally important aspect recognised here as the precursor to communal health.

It’s worth noting that The Walden homes, each sitting on 20.17 acres of land, are available in three size options to cater to a versatile range of needs among modern families in Malaysia. The smallest unit sums up to 2,896 square feet, while the biggest unit totals up to 3,870 square feet. All unit configurations come with 4 to 5 bedrooms, and 4 to 5 bathrooms, as well as a driveway that fits up to three cars.


5) State-of-the-art facilities

A resort-style neighbourhood is not entirely completely without its assortment of well-integrated facilities. In this vein, The Walden does not disappoint.

The entire land on which the development presides also hosts a community clubhouse that inspires residents to connect beyond fences over group activities such as badminton, basketball, tennis, yoga, gym, and even evening coffees at their in-house cafe. 

Its 50-acre Central Park, meanwhile, comes with a jogging track, a maze garden, a children’s playground, a vast football field, and even a five-metre-tall viewing deck to inspire fitness and healthy living among people of all ages.

6) Top-notch security

Homeowners interested in living in The Walden will be glad to know that its community thrives on pursuing the resort-style communal living in total safety. That’s right: the entire neighbourhood is kept safe, with 24/7 state-of-the-art security measures manned by a trained and dedicated team.



Power your heart at The Walden

Believing that abundance and nature walk hand in hand, The Walden promises enrich the lives of its residents, by bringing back the spirit of tropical living embodied by vernacular designs of centuries past. There is really nothing quite like resort-style homes to bring back to tropical embodiment of Malaysia.

Wondering if you’ve just read about your new home? Then visit KLK Land’s website to know more about what the development offers or send them an email at You can also call them directly at +603 6184 3888 or +6013 673 3030.

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